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Author: Kerr

Sporting Comic characters

There are many characters that appear in comic strips and have a sporting background. Often the main character in comics is a hero and this can relate well with being a sports star. The “Tough of the Track” appeared in The Rover and The Victor for almost 40 years from 1942. The comic strip featured Alfred Tupper as a “hard as nails” working class hero. The story lines would often feature Alfred as one of life’s underdogs coming up trumps to beat someone from a privileged back ground. He was employed as a welder and after a bust up...

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Turning comics into Television

There have been numerous occasions when comic book characters and adventures have been turned into television “one offs” and even series. Many of the fictional characters that are on aired today can be traced back to the comic books of yesteryear. One of the most famous characters in British comic book history is Dennis the Menace and he has appeared in the Beano alongside his dog, Gnasher, since 1951. In 1996 the BBC produced an animated TV series called Dennis and Gnasher which ran until 1998. In all 26 episodes were recorded in the 2 series. A second series...

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Turning comics into films

There are no shortage of film heroes on the big screen that have found their origins in comic books. Some of the biggest hits at the movies have been based around superhero comic book characters. A closer look into the film industry uncovers more characters in films that started in comic books than one would realize. Sin City was a series of comics introduced by Frank Miller in 1991 in the Dark Horse manuals. The comic was turned into a film in 2005 and produced in the same neo noir style that the comic had been written in. A...

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Children’s Comics

One naturally assumes that all comics are aimed at children. This is not necessarily true as history has taught us that many comic books and comic strips are aimed at adult audiences. Comics aimed at children can either be for entertainment or they can be actually educational. The comics can also be age ranged base with some targeting those before teenage years and others aimed at the older children. Censorship-age ratings In the United States the Marvel Comics have produced their own rating system so that parents will know what age of readership a comic is targeting. As of...

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What are comic books?

Comic books are periodicals that come out one a week, one a month or annually. These comics do not follow one storyline but will cover a number of characters through their own adventures. They started to be released in the 1930’s with the publication of the Famous Funnies in the United States in 1933. A Carnival of Comics was given away in Woolworth Stores in 1934 and Famous Funnies #1 was also released. In 1935 New Fun Comics became the first comic that contained all new material with no re-prints. In the late 1930’s in the United Kingdom both...

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