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Comic books and comic strips

Comics are a way to express ideas by the use of an image combined with a text. These are often shown in a sequence of images with the text being laid out as speech balloons. The most form of comics are comic strips, editorial...


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The Biggest Criminals in Comic Books

Comic books have produced criminals who have become almost as well known as the superheroes who have battled to counter the dastardly acts these characters have been producing. Some of these villains are never quite vanquished,...



Comic Creation Process: A to Z

In their material essence, comics are pieces of paper or digital print that have pictures and corresponding narratives and dialogues to go along. However, it goes without saying that there is much more to comics than that; the...

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The Greatest Ever Comic Book Cops

One of the greatest characters in comics has to be the cop, and cops have been portrayed in many guises from gumshoes to sheriffs and everything in between. Normally out-shadowed by machiavellian villains and superheroes the cop...

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The Best Ever Comic Book Couples

What’s better than a comic book hero? When he is accompanied by a heroine. There have been a few superhero couples from comic book land that have stamped their mark on the genre with a heavy stomp. Some superhero couples have a...

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The Funniest Comic Book Villains of All-Time

The great thing about comic books is that they can create characters like no other media can, there are no parameters or boundaries that hinder comics and if it can be drawn then it exists. Comics have always had brilliant...

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