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Author: Kerr

What are comic books?

Comic books are periodicals that come out one a week, one a month or annually. These comics do not follow one storyline but will cover a number of characters through their own adventures. They started to be released in the 1930’s with the publication of the Famous Funnies in the United States in 1933. A Carnival of Comics was given away in Woolworth Stores in 1934 and Famous Funnies #1 was also released. In 1935 New Fun Comics became the first comic that contained all new material with no re-prints. In the late 1930’s in the United Kingdom both...

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What are comic strips?

Comic strips are a sequence of drawings arranged in panels with text balloons to explain the events. They have been traditionally found in every day magazines and newspapers but in the 21st century they are now being found online in the form of web-comics. During the 20th century alone more than 200 strips were published every day in American newspapers. The popularity of the comic strips started as early as the 18th century with the Swiss author and caricature artist Rodolphe Topffer being seen as the man who started off the modern comic strip. He ran a boarding school...

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Comic books and comic strips

Comics are a way to express ideas by the use of an image combined with a text. These are often shown in a sequence of images with the text being laid out as speech balloons. The most form of comics are comic strips, editorial comics, and comic books. History Humor is associated with the comic but over time comic illustrations have been used to record historic events. Rome’s Trajan’s column was decorated with sequential pictures to record events in 110 AD. The Bayeux Tapestry in the 1070’s used sequential pictures plus text to record the events of 1066 on...

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