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The World Of Comics In Unbreakable

Hollywood produces a lot of superhero films for many years. The most important trigger for this trend was certainly Marvel Studios. Their producer Kevin Feige triggered a never-before-seen hype with his concept. Movies about superheroes had already been very successful, but film fans had not yet seen a coherent story of more than twenty films. But you forget that there had been a genre-building film a long time before. That brought the world of comics into the real world. Unbreakable by M. Night Shyamalan was already considered an extraordinary work back then. Today many film fans are getting to...

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Awesome International Comic Books

When we really think about it, everything we consume when it comes to popular culture is usually from the United States. And that’s no surprise, since they truly do provide exceptional entertainment that appeals to most. When it comes to comic books, it’s the exact same story, except that we also kind of have Japan in the picture. However, the great comic books written by artists from Belgium or the Philippines are out there, we just might need to put a tiny bit more effort into discovering them. To make the matters easier, here is a list of non-US...

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Comic Creation Process: A to Z

In their material essence, comics are pieces of paper or digital print that have pictures and corresponding narratives and dialogues to go along. However, it goes without saying that there is much more to comics than that; the process of having both the visual and the written medium work together to communicate a message and leave an impact is truly complex and includes both, an artistic endeavor and technical skills. Let’s look at the steps that usually need to be present for a person to produce a solid comic. The Idea Not surprising? Thought so. Just like with any other form of artistic expression, in order to say something in a comic book, a person needs to know what that “something” is. Few great artworks came to be from utter chaos and nothingness, and that is especially true with comic books that require at least a minimal storyline and development. The Development and The Script Speaking of comic books in particular, it is crucial to establish a workable framework for a storyline that will guide not only the writing process, but the drawing as well. This is the part where the creator puts together a plotline with all necessary, logical elements and from there begins the development of a script. There are two main ways to do it – the Marvel Method (only the basic aspects of the plot...

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The Greatest Ever Comic Book Cops

One of the greatest characters in comics has to be the cop, and cops have been portrayed in many guises from gumshoes to sheriffs and everything in between. Normally out-shadowed by machiavellian villains and superheroes the cop does rather take a back seat, but even so there has been some legendary law enforcers that have made their mark on comic books for decades, and here are some of the very best. Dick Tracy Forget everybody else, the first and foremost cop in comics has to be Dick Tracy. He was the creation of Chester Gould as a response to the moral decay that was happening in America during the Depression years. Dick Tracy did not catch common criminals; he was the champion against corruption and was always fighting for justice. Portrayed as a rugged man, with square jaw and a broken nose, Dick Tracy was far from a pin-up boy. But America felt safer having him protect them for all the evil in the world. Jim Gordon Jim Gordon Superhero Batman could not have been so effective without the aid of Jim Gordon, in the TV adaptation of Batman, Commissioner Gordon was a figure of ridicule. But in the comic book strips, Jim Gordon was just as determined to stamp out crime then his superhero chum. The truth is Batman really needs Jim Gordon; he has his finger on...

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The Best Ever Comic Book Couples

What’s better than a comic book hero? When he is accompanied by a heroine. There have been a few superhero couples from comic book land that have stamped their mark on the genre with a heavy stomp. Some superhero couples have a romantic connection and other are just two forces that have decided to work together and protect society. Superman & Wonder Woman The most powerful couple to emerge from superhero land has to be Superman and Wonder Woman. This coming together has been fairly recent, and some comic book purists have turned their noses up at the coming together of these powerhouses. Why exactly the princess from Amazonia and the Man of Steel should be paired together is a bit of a conundrum, and when the relationship was axed in the edition of New 52 it was hard to see where the relationship was going. And with the latest marriage of Superman to Lois Lane it is hard to see the relationship being re-established. Hank Pym & Janet Van Dyne Hank Pym & Janet Van Dyne Possibly the first superhero couple that came out of the Marvel stable was Ant Man and Wasp. The relationship took some time to blossom, but when Ant Man took Wasp under his wing the pair became integral to the Avengers. Like all couples, their relationship has had its ups and downs, but...

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