Clark Kent changing into Superman

A superhero is a fictional character having superhuman powers. It is impossible to be a superhero with having these powers. With that in mind where does batman stand? There is no doubt that batman is a hero but is he a superhero. It is difficult to think of any pseudo-scientific or magical acts that he performs. Yet he regularly performs feats of such a high standard that no other human could perform.

It is claimed that he can do this as a result of him of him having great strength, athleticism stamina, agility and he is superb at martial arts. His feats are unbelievable, yet they are humanly possible. This has not stopped the public from loving this dark brooding character and treating him as a superhero. Each week he is willing to sacrifice his own life in his own comic book in which he regularly saves Gotham City.

If there are doubts about Batman there can be no doubts about Superman and his superhero powers. Superman was the first big comic book superhero. He first appeared just before the start of the Second World War first appearing in Action Comics in 1938. Superman is the last of a dying race from the planet Krypton. As a baby he was put into a rocket where upon he made its way to earth and fell near the town of Smallville. The baby was discovered by the Kent family and they brought up the bay, Clark Kent as their own. His adventures revolved around him being able to use his superman powers to protect earth from a variety of evil attackers. His powers have included his strength, speed, telescopic vision and a really strong breath. He appears to be unbeatable.

Wolverine with his claws

There is no way that Spiderman can match Superman in terms of his powers yet the Marvel Comics character that first appeared in 1962 has other abilities that are spider-like. He is agile and can stick to any surface. He has amazing reflexes and has a spider’s intuition of impending dangers and also possesses incredible strength. He has the ability to shoot sticky webs which he can use to climb difficult objects and also to capture villains. Spiderman originated from Peter Parker a shy orphan boy who was interested in science. On a visit to a science museum he was bitten by a radioactive spider which gave him his spider-like powers. Originally using his powers to perform on the wrestling circuit, his life was turned when his uncle was murdered by a robber. Inspired by words from his late uncle Peter now chose to use his powers to fight crime.

Wolverine is one of the most recent comic books superheroes first appearing in marvel comics in 1982. In the X-Man films he was is one of the most popular characters bringing actor Hugh Jackman to stardom. Wolverine is a mutant and has a wide range of super powers. He can regenerate really quickly and is impossible to poison. He is immune to alcohol and possesses incredible stamina. This ability to regenerate means that he doesn’t age. He is reported to be over a century old, yet he is as agile and as strong as any 20-year-old. Within each arm he conceals 3 one-foot claw bones that appear through the skin beneath his knuckles. His healing qualities soon repair the broken skin. Trained by the CIA he is a master of hand to hand combat mastering every fighting style on earth in his quest to conquer the villains and the nation’s enemies.

These are just a small sample of the super heroes that have been created by comic books. They all started in comics before finding fame and fortune with television and film appearances. It is only a matter of time before the next comic book super hero is created.