Walton Disney is famous for the characters that his animation studio has created. This has led to many cartoons being played on both television and in films. His success has seen his company win 22 Oscars from 59 nominations and he has also received two Golden Globes and an Emmy award.

Many comic book characters start in comics before being used on screen but with Walt Disney Productions it is the other way around. The characters have been first used in cartoons and then the Walt Disney Comic appeared later. They first were released in 1930 and published all around the world.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

The first cartoon character to achieve success was Mickey Mouse and he is still as popular today as he has ever been. He was first created in 1928 and appeared for the first time in the short film “Steamboat Willie”. The mouse has appeared in over 130 films and in 1978 he became the first cartoon character to have its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

When Mickey Mouse first showed up, so did his girlfriend Minnie Mouse. Over the years she couldn’t quite keep up with the growing popularity of Mickey, not appearing in as many films as he did. However, in 2018 also received her start on the Hollywood walk of fame.

In many of Mickey’s films he is accompanied by a number of side-kicks which include Goofy, Donald Duck and Pluto. Goofy is a tall dog that talks with a Southern American accent. He appears to be not the cleverest of animals as he is rather clumsy. He is however really popular as he has good heart and a kind nature. He has also proved to be a lot smarter than his appearance would first suggest. He is shrewd in an eccentric sort of way and would offer the sound advice when the group of friends found themselves in some difficulties.

He became so popular that he started to appear in his own short movies. In two of these, “How to Play Football” (1944) and “Aquamania” (1961) they were both nominated for Oscars. In recent years Goofy has been semi-retired only appearing on television, but not in films.

The popular Donald Duck

Although Donald Duck first appeared as one of Mickey Mouse’s friends, it wasn’t long before he started making his own films and appear in his own television series. He has appeared in more films than any other Disney character, even surpassing superheroes. He has also appeared in more comic editions than any other character.

As time has passed, Donald’s family has emerged, including a girlfriend Daisy Duck and his three nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. One of his most popular relatives is his rich uncle Scrooge McDuck, and in the 150 films that Donald has appeared in, several have been nominated for Oscar awards with the 1943 “De Fuehrer’s Face” winning the award for Best Animated Short Film.

Pluto is Mickey Mouse’s pet dog. He is a mixed-breed dog and is a strange orange color. Where he is different from the other characters is that he does not speak so nearly all of his films involve physical humor and expression through animation.

As well as appearing in many Mickey Mouse films, he has also appeared in many of his own. His 1941 film “Lend a Paw” won an Oscar, but although the character has been a success on his own, he has never stopped appearing alongside Mickey Mouse.

There have been many other Walt Disney Characters that have appeared such as Tinker Bell, Jimmy Cricket and Cinderella that have both appeared in films and in comics, making them recognizable around the world.