The great thing about comic books is that they can create characters like no other media can, there are no parameters or boundaries that hinder comics and if it can be drawn then it exists. Comics have always had brilliant villains and because at times they can be ludicrous they are often hilarious.

It is human nature to want the antagonists to fail, but before they do, they can bring much merriment to the audience. Often we laugh at them rather than with them, but the end result is that we laugh just as much at comic book villains then the heroes we should be rooting for.

Every Batman Villain

Joel Schumacher is a master at creating credible villains that bring terrific humor to their roles. Think of the characters The Riddler, Two Face, Penguin, Poison Ivy, and Mr Freeze. Along with the cheesy acting of Batman and Robin, the villains impart comedic brilliance into the plot. In fact, it is the dynamic duo who almost play the stooges in many Batman episodes to the more complex roles of the Penguin or the Riddler.


Megamind was created as a parody of every evil character that has existed, but the audience instinctively knows that this fiendish villain is not really that credible. Megamind is trapped in an endless cycle of trying to capture a beautiful damsel in distress while at the same time trying to fight off his enemies. He never really succeeds in anything that he attempts, but on the way treats us to a whole host of gags and physical slapstick. 

The Joker

We have separated out the Joker from the rest of the Batman villains as he has got to be one of the most engaging villains ever. The secret to the Jokers success is that it is himself that finds all his antics humorous and not particularly the audience.

His favorite gag is to gas his opponents with Joker Venom that makes people die laughing, which the Joker finds most amusing. Also his jokes are very often very dark, and have a death-like meaning to many of them, which makes them quite morose.

Everything about the Joker from his costume to his intricate plots is ludicrous, and that is the brilliance in his character. He is not meant to be taken seriously, but everybody knows he is completely insane which keeps us on the edge of our seats.


In the Disney film Hercules, it is Hades that is the main antagonist and provides the most laughs. The actor James Woods who plays the character said he deliberately used a car-salesmans voice to make Hades look even more banal and ridiculous.

Hades cracks jokes that nobody laughs at, but the audience laugh along at this, and as a villain he is a failure. The reason for this is that he does not seem such a bad guy, perhaps a stupid uncle or somebody. But the true brilliance of Hades is his volatile temper that is simply outrageous, and keeps the audience baying for him to misbehave.