Comic books over the years have unearthed female characters that have proved to be just as popular as their male counterparts. They have the added attraction as being glamorous and always being the underdog as they have attempted to overcome the power of their powerful enemies. When girls first started appearing in comics they were subject to gender stereotyping. Characters such as the Nellie the nurse, Tessa the typist and Millie the Model, played secondary roles supporting the main male characters.

Wonder Woman

One of the first female super-hero’s was Invisible Scarlet O’Neill. Appearing in a comic strip that was first published in the Chicago Daily Times in 1940, O’Neill used her power of invisibility to overcome criminals. She would help the local police in their searches for dangerous villains and would also come to the rescue of innocent members of the public who were being terrorized by these criminals.

The first woman to possess super human powers was Wonder Woman who first appeared in All Star Comics in December 1941. She originally appeared from out of the Amazon when she returned the United States Intelligence Officer back to safety after his plane had crashed. She remained in the modern world to initially fight the crimes of the Nazis. She possessed super human powers and was taught martial arts by the Chinese. She would spend her time finding evil villains in the world using a blend of super power and martial arts to overcome them. Her powers included incredible strength plus being able to heal at a very fast rate. She has appeared in several comic books and also in the 2017 film “Wonder Woman”.

Batman has always been famous for the relationship he had struck with the journalist Lois Lane. She never had any super human powers but she is popular for being Batman’s “love interest”. In all of his major stories Lois Lane would appear in a majority of these. One of Batman’s supporting cast was the heiress Kathy Kane. In her spare time she became Batwoman and another to be romantically linked with Batman. She would ride a motorbike and possessed super powers in fighting the evil forces in Gotham City.


Cat woman has been made famous by the fact that in the two films featuring her she has been played by Oscar winning actresses Michelle Pfeiffer and Anne Hathaway. She has been appearing in comic books since 1941 and is yet another to be romantically linked with batman. She originally started as a villain using her feline skills to rob Gotham City properties. As time has progressed she has evolved into something of an “antiheroine”, doing the wrong things but for the right reasons with her skills she used as criminal coming to her aid in her quest to help Batman.

Supergirl first appeared in action comics in 1959. She is the cousin of Superman sharing both his powers and his vulnerabilities. However, in the 1980s her role was re-written. She was no longer related to Superman and had none of his shared powers. She did have a few of her own including invisibility and psychokinetic powers. Spiderwoman has been used by different comic books and actresses. As well as being a success in comic books it has also appeared as television series. Spiderwoman has been used as good and bad, but the most popular has been when the fictional character Jessica Drew played the role.

When she was young she was exposed to uranium so to make her better her father injects her with serum made up of spider’s blood. As she grows old she is trained in several different martial arts plus she has many of the tricks that the spiders have such as climbing and using their web.

Storm first appeared in Marvel comics in 1975 and descends from a long line of African witches. She was raised in Harlem and Cairo and lost both of her parents in a car accident and becomes part of the X-men which is a group of mutant heroes fighting for peace. Her main weapon is that she can change the weather. Despite a slow start in the creation of female comic book characters in recent years many have appeared.